Blow Up

In the rare occasion that I witness a murder I usually report it to the police, even if I am not 100% sure a murder too place I still wander up to the police station and say “well, it was kind of dark and I was very far away, but it really looked like some murdering went on”, and they go and investigate, and if I am wrong at least I know I did the right thing. What I do not do is carry on my everyday life as a sexpot photographer, swanning around buying propellers and playing imaginary tennis, which is what one assumes the impoverished youth of the sixties, without the means to purchase tennis equipment, did before playstation existed. Now days playstation costs a lot more than tennis equipment but government cuts mean all the tennis courts have been turned into former tennis court sites. Blow Up is mostly sixties weirdness, which I am sure is telling us something, but I have not a clue what that is, and nor does it really matter when you can watch imagitennis.


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