I have written before about how much I enjoy subjecting my friends to films I have randomly found and want to see, this one had the special added bonus of being vaguely christmas related and we were watching right after christmas tree constructing, none the less, one of them fell asleep less than half way through, and for a film which is only a bit over an hour long thats a pretty impressive feat. Its not as boring as this implies though (they were just tired…) it has some brilliantly gory moments, and especially amazing is the horse/(police) car chase, “ah” I hear you say “a horse/(police) car chase, this sounds like falling asleep friend had the right idea, how mundane” well, I retort “the horse is running across rooftops!!” ehem. I’ll get off my high horse…right?! Sorry. This film is sold as horror comedy and thats sort of what it is, it made me laugh and it made me go “owwwww” (spade to face moment early in film is a good example), but I am certainly not going to have nightmares. This film also taught me that quite a few swear words are the same in Dutch as they are in English, which is most important to those of us who believe in the European Union.


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