The Philadelphia Experiment

This would be a much better film if it was that guy who ate mcdonalds for like a year or whatever just putting cool creamy philadelphia on crackers for an hour and a half. The main character of this film is a macho eighties hero type (despite ostensibly being from the 40`s) and as such has brilliantly large hair and smokes non stop. I forgot that smoking used to be cool till I watched this film. Watch it for:- amazing disappearing porsch, random prison cross dresser, the main character looking like he is getting a hand job when ever he is given a hug, lung cancer inducing levels of smoking.
Do not watch for:- amazing trippy worm hole thing which is literally just bits of the final scene of 2001 a space odessey, a lead woman who is an affront to feminists everywhere…and non feminists…basically everyone…this film is sexist, the fact that a tweed trilby gives away the entire already ridiculously predicable plot. The pros outweigh the cons, only because they are funnier, sexism ain’t funny guys.


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