Joan of Arc

Its pretty unusual for me to even look at a dvd when I put it in the player, so the fact that I even noticed the scratch on this one shows how big it was, none the less I gave it a try. Low and behold, I missed a whole scene, turns out, it was the scene where joans mother/parent or gaurdian gets raped/stabbed, so really not the worst scene to miss. However this scene might be integral to why joan turns into such a nutcase!! A nutcase who is useful to the French army, but a nutcase none the less. Anyway, despite potentially formative yet terrible scenes which I could not see due to scratches this is a brilliant film, it has little snippets of everything, even a guys head getting knocked off with balls…well…a ball…watch and see, balls sounds better…and before you think that i cant make a formative judgement because I missed a bit – guys head knocked off scene= badass, rape/stabbing scene = not at all badass.


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