Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil

I quite often rent low budget horror movies with a sort of “well it might be a hidden gem” attitude, the thinking being that horror is probably one of the easier genres to work with on a budget, however renting a low budget horror comedy is usually (i say usually…there are not a significant number of these around, at least intentional ones) a more dangerous bet. However this movie is pretty great, it has one of the most RIDICULOUS hook ups every conceived, but that is why its brilliant, if it chickened out on its promises and took itself seriously it wouldnt be any fun at all. Its got chain saws, bone crackings, axes and all sorts, none of this is genuinely (read remotely) scary, but the splatter is done very well and there are a couple of twists aside from the blindingly obvious one … you know the one thats in the title … and on the back of the dvd case … This film asks some big questions about the tendency in the society in which we live towards sterotyping, then ignores them in favour of death by saw mill equipment … which is why I like it.


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