The Raid

If like me, you are a man, and like to conform to gender stereotypes to such an extent that you actively seek out films with lots of guns and fightin’ in them, then you can get much more guns and fightin’-ey than ‘The Raid’! To not put too finer point on it, this has the most fightin’ in it that I have ever seen, more than most movies that are ostensibly about fightin’. I use fightin’ to demarkate between the sort of ridiculous hand to hand face smasherry on show here from the fighting of war films or things like rocky. This fightin’ is brutal! Were you to just watch someone, as they watched this film you’d have a great time documenting all of the “owwww” “urrghhh” moments crossing their face as our hero literally smashes his way through a building full of an unending stream of bad sorts. There is a pretty basic storyline underpinning the whole show, but it is suitable and makes you hate the baddies enough that when they get killed in all sorts of brilliant ways you cant help but think they (probably) deserved it! Definately not one to watch with your mum, but certainly worth watching if you are feeling a little low on testosterone.


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