Las Acacias

If there is one thing hollywood does well it is making films where there is barely a second where something isnt happening, which makes watching a film like Las Acacias an even more exciting experience … well as exciting an experience as watching a film where literally nothing happens can be. I did nearly fall asleep near the start, just when I was thinking how brave it was of the director to have waited so long before anyone said anything to each other, and wondering what the script looked like at this point, but this film draws you in, though very little is said you cant help but identify with the characters and although you know that the stony faced truck driver will eventually warm to his passengers (after all if he didnt it wouldn’t be a very good film at all) the little moments which lead to this are all part of the journey. This film was a little like that David Lynch disney film (yes it exists) The Straight Story in that its all about the journey rather than even something remotely interesting as a pay off at the destination. Because the whole film hinges on just one journey I cant really say much more without ruining it, and dont take my insistence that nothing happens to mean that you shouldnt watch this film, you really should, even if just for the baby, who the film makers have somehow trained to do cute things on demand!


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