The Dictator

The reason I think this film is funnier than Bruno, and Bruno funnier than Borat is that each relies less than the one before on making real people uncomfortable. Im not entirely against the sort of comedy Borat employed as some sort of social commentary about the treatement of people from other cultures, but it never really aspired to or acheived those heady heights. So here, and better for it, we have a film which makes fun of dictators, which most people will agree is a legitimate target (it also mocks independent health food stores and those who work in them, beware if you are either a dictator or health food store worker, you might be offended, the amount depends on which category you fall into, health food store dictators will hate it) Some parts are genuinely funny, and the main character is pretty likeable after a while mostly because he has some organisational talents and is rather lonely, more a victim of circumstance than a genuinely bad person. After all I think there is some truth in the assertion that nuclear missiles should be pointy rather than rounded, after all their primary purpose is to look badass and scare the crap out of everyone. 


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