Though everyone knows there are Shakespeare plays other than Romeo & Juliet, Hamlet and Othello all but English literature students and … well … that is it really just english literature students, they are the only people who even know what they are about! So, with the aim of joining that elite squad of people who could talk about the more obscure Shakespeare plays I rented Coriolanus. Well, what can I say, it had guns in it and wasnt awful! Now good old Romeo & Juliet, the Baz version was pretty good right, just because the soundtrack was good and yes…you guessed it… it had guns in it! Well Coriolanus was like that, but because the storyline revolves around actual war they dont have to pretend their guns are called silly things like “The Sabre” and whatnot. Voldemort is at his best here, demonstrating that he can be a bad guy even without half his nose missing, and in excellent tragic style the whole thing ends with everyone bailing out just desserts! I liked this film so much I actually bought the play in book format. Those things with pages that you have to read, if you need any more persuading did I mention that there are lots of guns in it…


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